Two High Resolution Images

As part of my project portfolio I was required to submit two high quality images, it took me a few hours to find two shots I really liked, I touched them up in Photoshop a little, mainly the lighting.

I am very pleased with these images I think they capture all of the main elements of my scene, the only thing I would improve when it comes to my environment is the contrast, I think the dark’s are slightly too dark resulting in some interesting detail being lost.



After months of hard work, my project is finally at a stage that I can called finished. Its been a tough few months and I’ve overcome many hurdles, my idea has changed and evolved several times but I have stuck with it and I am happy it is finally done. As I stated in my proposal document right at the start of this project I was going my present my environment in the form of a video fly-through. After spending a few hours correcting things I saw after I rendered my first video fly-through I went in and re-shot all of the scenes and put them into a final completed video. The video is rendered at 1080p and it is recommended you view it at this level for optimal viewing results. Watch in fullscreen mode. Enjoy.

Everything Imported!

I now have all the assets I created for my environment and I have put them all into place in the editor. I am pleased with how they all fit together the composition works well. The only thing I would change now if I had time would be to make all the bricks the same color, there have variety of shades to them and this needed correcting.

My plans from here are to tweak things and I am going to attempt to fix the flicking bug with the terrain when looked at through the foliage. I have several ideas and I will experiment with possible fixes for this. I also need to fix several bugs with the building where meshes are not placed correctly resulting in gaps that can be seen through.

CryEngine 3 – Stage 9

After looking at the post I did yesterday I noticed some errors that I had previously not noticed, the main one being the brick on the tower at the bottom is too bright in comparison to the brick above it, I went in and corrected this.

I also noticed looking at the screenshot that the fog seems too dense I have also toned this down and I feel it looks better now. Below are some screenshots of the error, and the fixes.

Cry Engine 3 – Stage 8

Today with the main building nearly complete I felt I needed something other than the building to make the environment looks more interesting, having looked at the plans from one of the first posts I made, I found a rather interesting looking garden element and I decided to use this.

I quickly put together a pattern of the maze in 3ds max and imported this into CryENGINE3 below you will see a before and after shot, you will be able to see a dramatic difference I think the environment looks a lot better with the garden maze added.

Cry Engine 3 – Stage 7

I finished putting several more assets I created a while back into place and the main building is now 90% complete, I am very pleased with the way it has turned out but I think so far the whole process has taken far longer than I intended, originally I planned on creating one building a week for the entire Magicians Guild, but as I stated in an earlier post as I progressed through my project I found that this would not be possible. I misjudged the time required to make assets in a modular fashion and the complexity of the process. When I create another modular building I have found many ways that changes to my workflow could speed up the process significantly.

Here is the latest iteration of the Magicians Guild building in CryENGINE3.


Cry Engine 3 – Stage 6

One of the most important parts about an environment is how it is lit, lighting sets the mood and the atmosphere, bad lighting can destroy an otherwise good environment. I spent a lot of time observing photos  of real life scenes to see how they are lit, how the light interacts with objects, how shadows work, and how light bounces.

I showed some examples of an idea I had for my lighting at an earlier stage in the blog, having now properly researched realistic lighting, I have make some major changes to the lighting of my scene.

I am still aiming for a very slight aliens tint to the lighting, but not as drastic as before. Below are a few examples of what I achieved in a few hours editing the light settings today, the lighting will probably change in the future and I will update the blog to reflect this.